Immunotherapy for
Infectious Diseases Conference

November 12-14, 2018

Hotel Galvez, Galveston, TX, USA


Conference Information

Infectious diseases are amongst the top ten causes of death worldwide, as reported by World Health Organization. Global antimicrobial resistance, emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, few antibiotics in development pipeline and infections caused by overuse of antibiotics are all issues that have raised serious concerns across the globe. Immunotherapy represents a new promising approach to treating life-threatening infections while decreasing the risk of damaging microbiome and potentially circumventing the drug resistance issues. Most novel concepts come from academia whereas the biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry has made recent progress in bring immunotherapy for infectious disease to the clinic. We are therefore organizing a conference in the interphase between academia and industry. Our ambition is to provide a forum where various immunotherapeutic strategies can be discussed and lead to exchange of ideas and cross-disciplinary collaborations.

We have assembled an exciting program for the conference that features keynote seminars from international experts in the field, talks from both academia and industry as well as presentations on novel therapeutic techniques for immunotherapy. The conference program also contains poster sessions.

The conference will feature sessions on

  • Antibody based drug development
  • Immunotherapy against viral infections
  • Immunotherapy against bacterial infections
  • Immunotherapy against emerging infections
  • Emerging novel therapeutics showcase
  • Challenges of immunotherapy against infectious diseases

The Immunotherapy for Infectious Diseases conference will be held on November 12-14, 2018 at Hotel Galvez, Galveston, TX, USA. Registration deadline extended to November 10, 2018.

Conference Hosts


Texas A&M Health Science Center


UT Health, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston